Weekend Roundup

The Chickle

Here’s How I Turned My Junk Food Obsession Into A Successful Career
Some awesome, well-deserved attention for the homies at The Impulsive Buy, Brand Eating, and Junk Banter. Nice work, gents. You are an inspiration to us all. [Delish]

Lucky Charms Is Making Marshmallow-Only Cereal
You can finally stop pretending to care about the little cereal bits now, because Lucky Charms is rolling out 10,000 boxes of marshmallow-only cereal. Or you can just buy them on Amazon. You do you. [Tasting Table]

Eggslut’s Owner Gives His Take On Some Fast Food Breakfast Sandwiches
There’s no one making better (or more Instagrammable) breakfast sandwiches right now than LA-based “Eggslut.” Here, owner Alvin Cailan offers his opinion on some classics from the drive-thru. [Foodbeast]

Behold: The Fresno Grizzlies Have Unveiled the Chickle
You may have seen it all. But have you seen THE CHICKLE? (It’s chicken inside a pickle.) [Food & Wine]

Written by Malcolm Bedell

Malcolm is the author of "Eating in Maine: At Home, On the Town, and On the Road," as well as a frequent contributor to Serious Eats,, Eat Rockland, Down East Magazine, The L.A. Weekly, The Guardian, The Huffington Post, and more. When not poisoning his body with garbage and then posting sardonic commentary about it on the Internet, he also owns and operates the 'Wich, Please food truck, named's "Hottest Restaurant in Maine" for 2015.

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