Red Robin Announces Summer Lineup of Good-Sounding Burgers with Dumb-Sounding Names

Is the world ready for the “Boss Hog Burger?” Probably.

Red Robin is getting saucy for the debut of its all-new BBQ Boss Hog burger available now through Oct. 1. The gourmet burger with big flavor features sweet and tangy BBQ pulled pork over an ancho-marinated beef patty loaded with cheddar cheese, dill pickle planks, tortilla strips, red onions, lettuce and smoky campfire mayo on a jalapeño cornmeal Kaiser roll. (PRNewsfoto/Red Robin Gourmet Burgers, Inc.)

Quick-service burger chain Red Robin recently announced its lineup for summer 2017, including three new specialty burgers, and a creamy twist on its frozen lemonade, spiked with Absolute vodka for guests 21 and over.

From now until October 1st, the limited-time menu has more options for burger lovers than ever. The all new “BBQ Boss Hog” burger, our favorite burger named after a fictional bumbling, corrupt, Cadillac-driving, cigar-chomping commissioner from a racist, lawless town in Georgia where cars can fly through the air effortlessly, features sweet and tangy BBQ pulled pork over an ancho-marinated beef patty loaded with cheddar cheese, dill pickle “planks,” (which sounds suspiciously like “dill pickles”), tortilla strips, red onions, lettuce and smoky “campfire mayo” on a jalapeño cornmeal Kaiser roll.

From the press release:

“Burgers and BBQ go hand-in-hand amidst all of the fun activities summer has to offer,” said Jonathan Muhtar, senior vice president and chief marketing officer at Red Robin. “We’re excited for these craveable new LTOs, burgers and beverage innovations to make a splash with guests who are out and about this season.”

What other questionably-named burgers are joining the limited-time lineup? There’s also the “Sir Acha Tavern Double Burger,” which features two burger patties piled high with sriracha onion straws, spicy aioli, melted American cheese, tomato, lettuce and pickles on a sesame seed bun.

Red Robin is also rolling out the “MadLove Burger,” which may as well have been named the “Kinda Umami Burger,” featuring a half-pound Black Angus patty topped with a Cheddar and Parmesan crisp, melted Provolone and Swiss, jalapeño relish, candied bacon, avocado, citrus‑marinated tomato and onion with shredded romaine on a ciabatta bun.

Want to get drunk while you eat? Who doesn’t? Red Robin makes it easier than ever with their new “Absolut Frozen Freckled Lemonade,” which combines lemonade, strawberry puree, vanilla soft serve, and a few ounces of vodka into a cocktail that will ensure that the trace amounts of alcohol contained within never actually penetrates your fat-coated stomach lining.

Written by Malcolm Bedell

Malcolm is the author of "Eating in Maine: At Home, On the Town, and On the Road," as well as a frequent contributor to Serious Eats,, Eat Rockland, Down East Magazine, The L.A. Weekly, The Guardian, The Huffington Post, and more. When not poisoning his body with garbage and then posting sardonic commentary about it on the Internet, he also owns and operates the 'Wich, Please food truck, named's "Hottest Restaurant in Maine" for 2015.

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