McDonald’s is Getting Rid of Hi-C Orange Drink and People Are Not Having It

The best thing to happen to a Filet-o-Fish and a Saturday afternoon may be gone for good.

McDonald's Orange Lavaburst Discontinued

In a sea of positive childhood associations, it’s hard to pick just one McDonald’s memory. But one of the contenders has to be that first time you realized that you weren’t committed forever to the regular old standard-issue hamburger Happy Meal; when your cool (kind of bad) friend, perhaps too big for his age, had graduated to the next logical combo for a 150 pound eight-year-old: Chicken McNuggets and Hi-C orange drink.

Not orange soda, mind you: The orange drink that’s been served at McDonald’s for decades doesn’t have any carbonation, though it is, as the label helpfully explains, “0% juice.” And speaking of labels, “orange drank” has a much more official name: “Hi-C Orange Lavaburst.”

But none of that even matters anymore, because the drink is being yanked out of McDonald’s fountain soda machines nationwide.

McDonald's Orange Lavaburst Discontinued

Boasting 220 calories and 60 grams of sugar per “medium” serving (more than twice the sugar you’ll find in a McDonald’s soft-serve vanilla ice cream cone), news of the drink’s demise was first posted on Reddit, via a leaked corporate memo detailing the discontinuation of the beverage.

McDonald's Hi-C Memo
Original corporate memo from McDonald’s detailing discontinuation of Hi-C Lavaburst.

The slow phaseout begins May 1, though the memo notes that McDonald’s stores will be allowed to keep selling caches of existing product, until it runs out. The memo goes on to explain that a “proprietary,” new carbonated drink called “Sprite TropicBerry,” is coming in July to replace Hi-C.

So how are customers treating the news that their favorite childhood drink is being replaced by what sounds like just another fruit-flavored soda? With the internet’s typical calm, integrity and grace, naturally:

Shots fired! Will McDonald’s cave to the inevitable negative customer feedback and online petitions, or is Hi-C Orange Lavaburst gone for good? Stay tuned for more news, as it develops.

Written by Malcolm Bedell

Malcolm is the author of "Eating in Maine: At Home, On the Town, and On the Road," as well as a frequent contributor to Serious Eats,, Eat Rockland, Down East Magazine, The L.A. Weekly, The Guardian, The Huffington Post, and more. When not poisoning his body with garbage and then posting sardonic commentary about it on the Internet, he also owns and operates the 'Wich, Please food truck, named's "Hottest Restaurant in Maine" for 2015.

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