The experts say that a good way to think of a name for your food blog or website is to think of two things that you like, and then combine them into a catchy title. That’s why every single food blog on earth is named something like “Cane Sugar and Spice,” or “Shutter and Vine” or “The Heirloom Tomato and The Pretentious Rabbit.”

It’s with this in mind, then, that “Spork and Barrel” was born. Because when we try and think of our two favorite topics from the wide landscape of food, chances are it can either be eaten in your car with a spork, or it was, at some point, aged in a barrel.

On this site, we intend to cover the topics that the mainstream food media tends to take a pass on, whether that’s the latest mad scientist abomination from the national fast food chains, the newest frozen food to grace the “frozen snack” section of your local miserable Wal-Mart, or finding the best, worst thing to eat in a scuzzy gas station. We’ll discuss convenience snack trends, food television personalities, post questionable videos of ourselves performing hate crimes on food, and demonstrate cooking methods for creating your favorites in your home kitchen.

While the big glossy food magazines and blogs post the same breathless technique for cooking (and photographing!) a perfect blanquette de veau (right in the comfort of your own home!), we’ll be over here in the corner, smearing ourselves with stroganoff, and covering the daily food topics you could never admit to caring the most about. Join us.

Spork & Barrel is 100% independent, is not affiliated with or sponsored by any product or brand, and does not receive compensation for any of the content contained on this website. We’re not above the kind of thing; it’s just that nobody’s asked.